December 13, 2006

Fire Police Captain
Westampton, New Jersey

December 13,2006
      the Westampton Fire Dept. was dispatched to Route 295 southbound off ramp for an overturned mini van. The weather condition was overcast and raining. Rescue Engine 2727 and a New Jersey State Trooper Cruiser were in front of my Fire Police Vehicle 2729. As we approached the accident we all parked to the right on the off ramp with very little room for any other vehicles to get by. The state trooper put out road flares and kept the traffic moving past us. I'm not a person who likes to use road flares on any accidents with a possible gas leak, so I asked if I could use a new product in this area. I began to set up the “Lights for Life Sign” with some traffic cones next to my vehicle, when the state trooper approached and was amazed at the sign with the illuminated blinking “slow” and “stop”. He notice how the word “slow” with the LED blinking light was slowing down the oncoming traffic with out anyone having to wave their arms up and down. After the accident was cleared, the trooper came over to me and asked where we manage the get a sign that works as well as that one did. I explained how this all came about. He stated that he never saw a sign take control of an accident scene as the “Lights for Life” sign did. I'm big on Safety First and, as a past Fire Chief of Beverly/Edgewater Park Fire Dept., and now the Fire Police Captain of the Westampton Fire Dept. Sta. 272 in New Jersey, I would highly recommend “Lights for Life” sign to anyone who deals with today's traffic.

Wylie Johnson, Jr
Fire Police Captain
Westampton Fire Department, Station # 272
Westampton, New Jersey

(Reprinted with Permission)

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