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All About Safety Signs are unlike any other traffic control sign on the market today! Designed specifically for freeway and workzone safety. Using an array of ultra-bright LEDs in a pixel arraignment, our 2-sided illuminated “paddle-type” lighted stop sign and slow sign, will capture the attention of all approaching traffic in any weather condition. Visible for up to 2 miles at night, in low light and no light situations! Hand-held or stand-mounted, our battery powered signs are programmable, sequence flashing, lightweight, durable… highly visible. Our signs can be used as accident signs and checkpoint signs, as well as school crossing guard signs for safer routes to school.

Our LED lighted signs feature a “quick-change” battery module, and a telescoping handle for sturdy base support and can be mounted on any vehicle with a quick release arm that holds the sign securely.

Single and double, hard and soft cases are also available for ease of transport.

Our signs will be seen before headlights contact the control safety sign. Now you can be sure your sign is visible! Standard signs will have “STOP-STOP”, “STOP-SLOW” or “SLOW-SLOW” configuration. Programmable signs will have five optional wordings for each side.


  • Visible warning for up to 2 miles at night, in low light and no light situations
  • Headlights do not have to make contact with sign to read
  • Dual switches for each side of sign to conserve life of LEDs
  • Ultra bright, LED battery-powered, two-sided sign that is hand held for easier, safer use in all traffic control situations.
  • Lightweight, weighing less than 5 pounds.
  • Using a double-sided printed circuit board with ultra bright surface mounted LEDs, each side of the sign will have its own wording. Standard signs will read, “STOP - SLOW”, “STOP - STOP” or “SLOW - SLOW”.
  • Using selected LEDs gives the maximum brightness within the silk screened pixel circle.
  • A prismatic panel covers each side of the control console for viewing of up to 170 degrees from the center of the sign. This will allow on-coming traffic to be able to read the sign from any angle. A prismatic panel is a phenolic type material with pyramid type cones in it to deflect the light in all directions. It also spreads the light to make the brightness equal within the pixel circle.
  • Battery powered for portability.
  • Hand-held for ease of use.
  • Stand-mounting available for hands-free use.
  • Telescoping pole that easily attaches to bottom of handle to support the sign. This will take the weight off the sign by ground support.
  • All phenolic (plastic and LED circuit board) will be fastened in unit with silicone. This will keep components from shearing off if sign is dropped or jarred. It will also keep the unit water-tight and usable in all weather conditions.
  • Colors are “Stop Sign Red” and “Slow Orange” for recognizability to standard signs.
  • “Low battery” light indicators allow operator to quick-change batteries in plenty of time to avoid any down-time. A microprocessor chip will retain memory if batteries lose complete charge. An auto shut-down circuit is activated when batteries get too low.
  • Audio signal alerts user when batteries are getting low
  • Wording on both sides of the sign flash to gain the attention of the on-coming traffic. Sequence of flashing will be, but not exclusive to, five quick flashes of entire wording, then a 2-15 second hold of wording.
  • One plug is mounted in the sign which allows operator to connect an external power source (either 12VDC or 110VAC) using our special cord adapters.
  • Batteries for sign are located inside the handle so operator can easily change remove and replace. Battery life for off the shelf batteries (both sides on) up to16 hours; (one side on) up to 32 hours. Rechargeable battery life (both sides on) up to 20 hours; (one side on) up to 40 hours.
  • Because of the ultra bright LEDs, our sign can be seen from up to 2 miles away at night, in low-light and no-light situations! This distance gives the user far greater safety, especially with the flashing feature in use.
  • HGH intensity prismatic grade reflective sheeting (which meets specification ASTM D 4956, types III & IV requirements) for the surface of the sign is standard on all signs and has a protective edge moulding all around the sign.
  • Patent Pending using MUTCD standards.
  • Member of the ATSSA - American Traffic Safety Services Association.

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