January 15, 2007

MFD Fire Corp was in charge of traffic control at double-fatality in North Canyon County
Middleton, Idaho

January 15, 2007
     I just happened to be awake when the call came in and got on the scene as the first two CC SO Deputies showed up. They went into investigation mode and I went into traffic control mode. The small pickup truck was in the yard of the home on the NW corner. Two fatalities were in the middle of El Paso about 50' - 100' north of the intersection. The semi left the roadway northbound, went down an embankment and DID NOT roll over. I was so surprised that this driver controlled this big rig as well as he did. The accident was just north of Hollow Road on El Paso. I shut down eastbound Hollow Road about 100' west of the intersection, where cars could safely turn around. I used 3 of the VizCon Spring traffic cones I had. I took the other 3 VizCon Spring Traffic cones east of the intersection on Hollow Road and shut down the west bound traffic. On El Paso RD, about 200' south of Hollow Road on El Paso, I put out 6 fusee flares, leaving a space in the middle for Emergency Vehicles to enter. North of the intersection, a CC SO Deputy had control of the road. By the time MFD showed up, the scene was secure. MFD showed up with E-302 and 2 QRU's 341 & 342. Medic 4 showed up to treat the driver of the Semi and transport him to WVMC. A total of five CC SO Deputies were there initially. Three ISP Commercial Troopers showed up after MFD. As for extra MFD FC Personnel, it would have been good to have 1 - 2 more because, even though people saw the Emergency Vehicles with lights flashing, they would drive right up to the cones or flares, instead of using common sense, and turning around. This caused me to have to work three road-blocks by myself. One even then exhibited radical behavior, but most were ok. I find it hard to believe that drivers can't make a “turn-around decision” on their own without having to be told to. As for a radio… this scene was within 500' - 800' total length. Radio would not have been an asset on this scene as everyone was in the intersection. I used up all my flares. Additional cones would have been nice. The ISP Used my “All About Safety Signs” Flashing STOP sign as a visual point for the laser investigation. But the AE Power Light was the kicker… if was so effective for the ISP investigators. They really want to test it some more. I guessed that it lasted 2 hours, but when an ISP Trooper told me what time it was, it lasted more than three hours on a steady burn. Well if fact, they really want to test the “All About Safety Sign” and the VizCon Spring Traffic Cones also. These are really effective for 1st-responders. Sylvia said that she could easily see the light a good 4 miles away. I am going to be sending this email to the protocol team members so they can review what we did.

David Carcich
Operations Director
Middleton Fire Department Fire Corp

(Reprinted with Permission)

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