May 23, 2006

Sobriety Checkpoint
Boone County, Missouri

     On May 19, 2006 I participated in a Sobriety Checkpoint Supervisor Training course in Columbia, Missouri. Part of that course consisted of a check-point operated by the Boone County, Missouri Sheriff's Department. The Officer-in-Charge was Sgt. Scott Ewing. He had previously seen the All About Safety Signs, LED sign and asked that it be brought to his checkpoint. The checkpoint was conducted on a two-lane, two-way asphalt paved roadway located in a business area. The highway itself was not lighted by any means. The deputies used vehicles and generator powered work lights for illumination in the actual work area. The sign was placed for North bound traffic approximately one hundred (100) feet south of the checkpoint entrance. This position was the only one available that was in sight of the officers as they had had previous trouble with persons taking or knocking down the signs used previously. This position was sufficient to warn drivers to slow for the flagman. During the entire duration of the operation, no vehicles skidded or drove through the flagman's position.

     Again the sign was visible for a considerable distance from the checkpoint.

     The level of illumination was not diminished from the start until the end. The run time of the batteries was great. These were the ones supplied by you with this unit.

     Sgt. Ewing requested that the unit be left with him. However, I was unable to do so as I had promised to use it in some additional driver's education training.

Ralph M. Stewart
Sobriety Checkpoint Supervisor Training
Missouri Safety Center

(Reprinted with Permission)

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